Profile - beardsley

I love to travel and learn -- I have a passion for the 'science of learning' and for studying how effective long-term learning happens. 

Over the past 15 years, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and work in a diverse set of metropolises: Vancouver, Bangkok, Tokyo and now Barcelona.  As a result, my concept of 'normal' has been reset and I see the world through an ever-changing lens. 

Beyond my travel adventures, my pursuit of learning led to my accreditation by the ThinkBuzan Institute as a Memory Trainer in 2014 and gave me a couple of days to pick Tony Buzan's brain with regards to the effective learning and long-term retention techniques he employs. 

'Helping others learn better' has been the theme of my adventure since then and led me to Barcelona where I'm currently completing a research masters in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media - where I employ behavioural and neurophysiological measures to investigate manners in which learner retention can be improved (e.g. investigating encoding and retrieval processes).

I plan to continue my learning adventure in Barcelona as I pursue doctoral studies at Pompeu Fabra University (from October 2016).

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