I love to travel and learn -- I have a passion for the 'science of learning' and for studying how effective long-term learning happens. 

Over the past 15 years, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and work in a diverse set of metropolises: Vancouver, Bangkok, Tokyo and now Barcelona. As a result, my concept of 'normal' has been reset and I see the world through an ever-changing lens. Beyond my travel adventures, my pursuit of learning led to my accreditation by the ThinkBuzan Institute as a Memory Trainer in 2014 and gave me a couple of days to pick Tony Buzan's brain with regards to the effective learning and long-term retention techniques he employs. 

'Helping others learn better' has been the theme of my adventure since then and led me to Barcelona where I completed a research masters in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media - In my thesis work, I employed behavioural and neurophysiological measures (EEG) to investigate manners in which learner retention can be improved (e.g. investigating encoding and retrieval processes).

I'm currently pursuing doctoral studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona ā€“ and am the research lead and project manager for two European projects that bridge neuroscience and education. My PhD research integrates the fields of Science of Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, Learning Design, and Education Technology ā€“ and I also contribute to studies involving Data Privacy and Responsible Research.

The motivation of my research is in investigating how education can better contribute toward the raising of effective learners and thinkers. In other words, how can we reframe education and the study of subjects in a manner that best support learners in developing the competences needed to be effective learners and thinkers (E.g. durable learning, mental models, executive functions, self-regulation, metacognition).

My professional experience includes performing the roles of project manager, learning designer, web designer, instructor and entrepreneur.  Iā€™m a certified Project Management Professional and enjoy working on projects.

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